Every user-friendly mobile app needs a strong and secure back-end. Our web developers are experienced in building scalable and fast web services, that connect our client-side applications with our databases. The backend consists of two components: data processing and app logic.
    We are building:
    • Custom admin panels and CMSs (content management systems) with built-in file management, filtered analytics and data export
    • Easy upload and storing for any kind of file received from the app, combines with multimedia data processing
    • User management, including support for social registrations as Facebook, Twitter and Google+
    • All of our web services exchange data through Restful APIs, consumed by any client side application (mobile, web, desktop)
    • Enterprise platforms integration. Sharing information between employees and providing an accessible interface to check both backend and frontend systems increases productivity and simplifies the whole business process. With CRM and ERP integration, enterprises can focus more on business and less on the burden of trying to sort and share the data between team members
    • Advanced backend security for protecting your processes and tools