Beacon technology is a simple and effective,yet exciting IoT technology on the rise. It is a small device used to broadcast simple data over short distances, becoming perfect for periodic transfers of one-data information. A Beacon is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless technology that pinpoints the location of customers in stores and other places to deliver messages to their mobile devices.
    We are using this emerging technology, providing a powerful user experience by combining app development, beacon devices and the wi-fi technology. It is a unique solution for a company that wishes to engage with the customers in a more personalized way. The information can be used to improve your business and better serve your customers.

    Personalized Marketing

    Using beacons, retailers can be notified of a returning client’s presence, send him information based on his profile, providing a personalized shopping experience.


    Beacons can track users’ behavior in a shop, offering statistics about the most frequent shopping patterns, where consumers go in your shop, the times customers visit your shop. Marketers can measure the impact of promotions and offers, having info about the time spent in a certain sector.


    Marketers can get in touch with the shoppers to provide additional information or send them personalised offers based on their preferences (obtained by analyzing their shopping pattern).